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Ahwatukee Acupuncture Phoenix

Evidenced Based Wholistic Medicine

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together, we'll investigate what's

keeping you from feeling your best


The Healing Point Ahwatukee


In Chinese Medicine, we have a saying:

"Where there's imbalance, there's pain.
Where there's pain, there's imbalance."


Using the five modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we'll treat your symptoms like clues to investigate the root of what's keeping you from reaching your health goals. 

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Ahwatukee Acupuncture Phoenix


We offer a wide range of healing modalities, all stemming from the five branches of Chinese Medicine. Our initial consultation appointments are 90 minutes and $130 with 60-minute follow-up appointments at $85.

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The Healing Point Cupping Ahwatukee Chandler Phoenix


Energy stagnation is the source of many physical ailments and conditions. Using thin needles, we'll target points throughout your body that when triggered help restore the movement of energy. 

Food is often a missing piece in our health puzzle. Through recommended dietary changes, we'll use nutrition to target the imbalance in your body creating the symptoms you're looking to address.

Healthy circulation of blood flow and a reduction in inflammation are often the first steps to wellness. Ideal for pain relief, cupping uses suction to restore circulation and facilitate healing. 

The Healing Point Herbal Medicine Ahwatukee Chandler Phoenix

Herbal Medicine

The Healing Point Gua Sha Ahwatukee Chandler Phoenix

Gua Sha

Nature provides incredible tools for gently, effectively addressing the physical ailments we feel. Together, we'll map your symptoms to determine which herbal supplements will help your reach your goals. 

For Gua Sha, we use a small tool to scrape the surface of your skin, stimulating soft tissue. For conditions closely related to blood flow, Gua Sha is a direct approach to improving circulation. 


Founded by Jamie Fitzgerald MTCM LAc in 2015, The Healing Point Acupuncture has been treating patients in the Phoenix area for a wide range of conditions with a particular focus on neurodegenerative conditions, infertility, weight loss, and pain management. With a multitude of credentials covering Traditional Chinese Medicine and beyond, The Healing Point is here to help you find the wellness you seek. 

Certifications & Training: 

The Healing Point ASU
SWIHA The Healing Point
Five Branches The Healing Point
The Healing Point Zhejiang University
The Healing Point Approved Provider


We're excited to hear from you.

The Healing Point is located in the Desert Sage Wellness Center nestled in Ahwatukee Foothills.

Our appointment-only wellness center is open M-F 10am - 5pm.


16815 S Desert Foothills Pkwy #140
Phoenix, AZ 85048

Thank you, we'll be in touch!

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